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White Goods

White Goods

Many companies selling white goods return their product packaging to a main distribution centre after installation for recycling.

This waste is predominantly polystyrene and polythene, both materials are recyclable and can be sold on for revenue. Without the use of a compactor, used polystyrene packaging take up masses of space and requires frequent collections.

Cobalt Polystyrene compactors are able to compact the polystyrene waste into solid blocks. The blocks are stacked onto a pallet and sold for recycling. Our machines benefit from a compaction ratio of up to 50:1. For every 50 trucks that initially collected the loose polystyrene, this is replaced by just one truck collecting the compacted EPS. This reduces collection costs, your companies carbon footprint and also brings in an additional revenue stream!

Spec Sheet (SC2100) Spec Sheet (SC3100)

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