12 May 2021What Are The Benefits of Recycling Polystyrene?

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Key Benefits:

When you recycle polystyrene through the use of a polystyrene compactor, there a number of key benefits produced:

  • Waste Reduction – Probably the most obvious solution. By carefully recycling polystyrene, the amount going to landfill and ending up in the sea is reduced; as long as this is done properly.
  • Volume Reduction – Not only can some polystyrene compactors compact up to 220kg of polystyrene every hour, but the material is also reduced in size by around 95% every time.
  • Carbon Footprint – The origins of polystyrene are in petroleum. Recycling not only reduces carbon footprint by extending the material’s lifecycle, it also puts less pressure on the limited resources available.
  • Space Saving – Because polystyrene is reduced to around 5% of its original capacity, it takes up minimal space on site, which also potentially reduces trip or fall hazards in the workplace.
  • Additional Revenue Stream – Because there’s a market ready and waiting for polystyrene blocks, this makes the perfect additional revenue stream for a business. You can read more about making money from your used polystyrene here.

How Can You Recycle Polystyrene Effectively?

First of all, you need to determine how much polystyrene your company uses on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. From here you can begin investigating polystyrene compactors.

These machines come with an abundance of benefits. By loading the waste material directly into the compactor, a large press force is applied in order to reduce the size of polystyrene. From here, compacted blocks are created in varying sizes, depending upon the machine model.

Compactors are very straightforward to operate, are low maintenance and can deal with both wet and dry polystyrene. Once you have enough bales these can be collected and paid for by a recycling company of your choice. Not only will you be reducing the carbon footprint of your company, you’ll be capitalising on an additional revenue stream.

If you’re interested in exploring the types of compactors that are available to you, download our polystyrene compactor brochure here.

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