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SC3100 Polystyrene Compactor

SC3100 Polystyrene Compactor

The Cobalt EPS compactor has been developed with advanced technology that makes it capable of compacting large throughputs of material

The SC3100 handles upto 200kg of EPS per hour (depending on it’s density) and will make a block with dimensions of 370x370mm. (variable length)

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What Makes Our Product Stand Out

Easy to use touch screen controls
Simple automated operation
Average compaction ratio of 50:1
Automatic systems available
Fast continuous throughput

Product Specification

Throughput (kg per hour)220Kg depending on material
Overall width (mm)5040mm
Overall Depth (mm)1650mm
Hopper Width (mm) 1250mm
Hopper Depth (mm) 1582mm
Loading Height (mm) 1874mm
Overall Height (mm)2430mm
Machine Weight (kg)1963Kg
Block Size (mm)370mm x 370mm
Block Length (mm)Variable
Motor (kW)18.5Kw depending on accessories
Power Requirements63Amp DOL Motor Rated Fuse.
Noise Level (dB)60-90 depending on material)
Floor Space 6000 x 2000mm

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