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SC2100 Polystyrene Compactor

SC2100 Polystyrene Compactor

There’s a common misconception that polystyrene cannot be recycled. Hence the reason why so much of it is sent to landfill. This has a negative impact on the environment and your sustainability goals. You can also generate a new revenue stream from compacted EPS, whilst also diverting it from landfill.

The Cobalt EPS SC2100 Compactor has been designed to compact large throughputs of material – it is competent in handling up to 80kg of EPS per hour. This does depend upon waste density which we can discuss with you. Block dimensions are 240x240mm with variable lengths. Require a machine with an even larger throughput? View the SC3100.

This model benefits from a remote monitoring system, machine settings can be monitored and adjusted remotely. Often saving the need for an engineer visit and therefore reducing downtime. The monitoring system also tracks the number of blocks produced.

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What Makes Our Product Stand Out

Remote Monitoring System as standard
Open Hopper Design
Up to 50:1 compaction ratio
Manufactured in the UK
Available galvanised

Product Specification

Throughput (kg per hour)upto 80Kg depending on material*
Overall width (mm)4362mm
Overall Depth (mm)1470mm
Hopper Width (mm) 840mm
Hopper Depth (mm) 396mm
Loading Height (mm) 1808mm
Overall Height (mm)2160mm
Machine Weight (kg)1300Kg
Block Size (mm)275mm x 275mm
Block Length (mm)Variable
Main Motor (kW)5.5Kw
Power Requirements32A N + E

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