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SC1100 Polystyrene Compactor

SC1100 Polystyrene Compactor

The Cobalt SC1100 compactor is a robust, low maintenance machine achieving high compaction ratio’s with both wet and dry polystyrene.

Designed for automatic operation, polystyrene is fed into the open hopper and machine sensors active, breaking down the EPS in small, fist-sized pieces. These pieces are then compacted into solid, uniform blocks. Voluminous polystyrene waste can then be stored and stacked easily, ensuring a safer working environment and a much more efficient use of space.

The straight forward operation of this machine allows it to be loaded as the waste is produced. The SC1100 is the smallest EPS compactor in our range compared to the larger SC2100 and SC3100 models which have throughputs of 80kg – 200kg per hour.

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What Makes Our Product Stand Out

Average compaction ratio of 50:1
Simple automated operation
Easy to use touch screen controls
Automatic systems available
Fast continuous throughput

Product Specification

Throughput (kg per hour)Up to 30KG per hour
Overall width (mm)2966
Overall Depth (mm)595
Hopper Width (mm) 730
Hopper Depth (mm) 434
Loading Height (mm) 1609
Overall Height (mm)1609
Machine Weight (kg)300
Block Size (mm)150 x 150
Block Length (mm)Variable
Motor (kW)2.2
Power Requirements2.2kW / Single phase / 16 amp

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