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The recycling of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is not universally practised. Most local councils don’t offer it as a kerbside service and have been known to urge you to dispose of it in your bins ready for collection. This is due to its light but bulky nature.

We receive enquiries from the general public on a regular basis, asking how they can dispose of their polystyrene waste sustainably as their local councils don’t offer this service. Many of the general public that we have spoken with would be prepared to travel to their local household recycling centre if they could dispose of their EPS sustainably.

Polystyrene in its expanded form is expensive to transport, this means that a full skip or lorry load of polystyrene would have very little weight, therefore the product becomes un cost effective to recycle when it’s transported in a non-compacted form. Full loads of compacted polystyrene would typically have payloads of 15-20 tonnes, when valued at up to £600 per tonne, this certainly makes the product highly recyclable and valuable.

Cobalt is well established and experienced within the recycling of polystyrene, we are prepared to sit down with any council to work out the most cost effective logistics method to make a profitable recycling venture.

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