12 April 2021BL Vision – White Goods

Surrey Based, B.l Vision, Have Invested In A SC1000 Cobalt Polystyrene Compactor

Founded in 1960, BL Vision is a family owned business operating within the retail sector. The company has grown to be recognised as a leading retailer within the household electrical sector, both locally and online.

Prior to the installation of the Cobalt polystyrene compactor, B.L Vision stored its polystyrene in four 1100ltr wheelie bins, which were collected by a local recycler each week. This cost in excess of £300.00 per month.

The installation of a SC1000 polystyrene compactor, allowed B.L Vision to reduce its collections to just one bin per fortnight for mixed recycling. This saved the company over £200 per month, which covered the cost of the polystyrene compactor, without taking into consideration any revenue generated from the sale of the compacted polystyrene blocks. The SC1000 is the perfect entry level machine, it takes up minimal space, requires a standard 16 AMP socket and has a throughput of 25kg per hour.

Warren Evershed, Account Manager, said:

“We’ve seen an influx of electrical stores wanting to dispose of their polystyrene waste sustainably, whilst also trying to save costs. The polystyrene compactor at B.L vision ensures that no polystyrene generated from the company will end up in landfill, whilst also improving the company’s internal waste handling process.”

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