Making Difficult Products Easy

Cobalt is a British supplier and manufacturer of waste handling equipment, specialising in polystyrene compactors.

We have manufactured polystyrene compactors for over 14 years, providing our customers with robust machines that turn polystyrene waste into revenue streams. The founders of Cobalt have provided polystyrene compactors to the UK market for over 20 years. We’ve used our knowledge to produce fast, reliable and easy to use machines. Such qualities remain consistent within the development of the Cobalt range. Interested in becoming a distributor? Click here

Meet The Team

Lawrence Stratton

R&D and Innovation

Gerry Carruth

Export Director

Steven Evershed

Technical Director

Suzanne Mckie

Export Assistant

Geoffrey Hale

Technical Drawings

Wayne Skelton

Lead Engineer

Matthew Drotsky

Technical Support & Parts Manager

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